Yesterday, reporter learned from Foshan Lighting Association, the Association of Foshan light into nearly 50 million yuan to build a professional website led home lighting, and plans to launch online trading next year, in order to seize the market.

National Development and Reform Commission recently issued roadmap incandescent out next year, phase out incandescent bulbs starting in October. 8.0 billion state subsidy program LED end products will also be released at the end. Analysis of the industry, driven by the above policy, LED home lighting market is about to open.

Foshan Association invest 50 million yuan to build light mood lighting network  has on-line, end with a formal vote, this is the first LED home lighting professional website. Middle of next year, the site will join the online trading capabilities, mainly for the average consumer. In addition, the lamp lights rental agreement also build networks to lease recycling-related products. Foshan Light Association for Wu Yulin said: “China has entered the Internet age, the association started to build these two sites to Foshan LED lighting brand, the initiative to seize the interior lighting.”