LED lead crystal electric plant (2448-TW) a number of downstream customers in the mainland, the mainland has frequent multiple vendors close down the LED market, the market worried about Taiwan upstream LED plant will be affected the risk of exposure to fall off, said a spokesman Shih-Hsien Chang, Epistar customers on the mainland side of the collection of cash and bank drafts adopted for two, so bad debt risk is very small.

Shih-Hsien Chang said that the collapse of weak constitution are mostly small factories downstream module, which does not direct crystal electric customers, the revenue impact for small shuffle storm, and the upper reaches of the leading crystal electric plant for the LED, as long as end demand is still, not too small by mainland factories competitive effects downstream module, and on the mainland customer receivables cash and bank draft is adopted, could significantly reduce bad debt.

Crystal Power and Asia’s largest manufacturer of energy saving lamps have a relationship sun ​​illumination, the LED lighting market to downstream, making the crystal power LED is no longer just simply in the production of LED wafers, but the connection with the design chain to help improve gross interest rates, a subsidiary of the sun lighting the sun will be ex-resistant new plant in Xiamen completed next year, Epistar will develop LED lighting with the sun die, and the power LED is also used crystal wafer, in addition, Science Park, Xiamen Torch LED pilot lights, Delta (2308-TW) included in the list of orders, Delta and also co-electric crystal, crystal power they can also benefit.

Corporation that information technology (IT) brands such as Delta and actively works cut into the LED lighting industry, lighting has been introduced this year, and the third quarter of 2012 will introduce a 50% lower than the current price of LED bulb lights, which inspired 2013 market demand was extremely favorable lighting, lighting market in 2012 is expected to be significantly warmed.

However, the recent LED industry constantly bad, in the third quarter earnings release generally poor performance of the mainland market is facing fierce shuffle, Taiwan LED upstream plant could be cast off down the risk of customers, and recently it was rumored LED epitaxial plant Canton Ga (8199-TW) to determine the implementation of the unpaid leave, LED stock price almost one-sided, although the crystal electric rose slightly yesterday, closing 2.96%, but today, nearly 2% intraday decline, corporate LED demand forecast to stabilize next year, I am afraid that the recent difficult to see improved.