Due to the downturn of the global economy as a whole in recent years, widespread outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe, as well as polysilicon prices continued to fall, but the LED industry to encounter many difficulties, although the Chinese and international markets are not yet fully standards, but the China LED lighting industry also suffered a winter overall performance is unsatisfactory. In order to ensure stable economic development, China has come a series of policies to guide the mainland industry and the enterprises themselves have also begun to take action, in order to have gained more and more serious environmental survival, and even develop. Which are the development of LED industry can not be ignored. Several enumerated below is part of the uncertainties in the LED bulb market, from them we can vaguely feel the subtle changes in the LED bulb market in 2012.

More than one channel sales driven market stamina

Although many of the traditional lighting manufacturers also insisted that the lighting products not suitable for online sales, but the lighting of Taobao Mall brand is growing rapidly, and is leaps and bounds in sales. In March 2011, the Habitat worry-free lighting mall project was officially launched, attracting industry are deeply concerned about. Up to now, the excellent lighting brands flagship LED bulb store has more than 100, more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide pipeline service providers already in place, several optimization and upgrading of mall business model has the basic shape. I believe that well after the opening of the Habitat worry-free lighting store, lighting industry will be running into the age of electronic commerce.

Two pipeline construction into focus

In recent years, the pace of development of China LED lighting very unexpected, traditional overseas LED bulb leading enterprises have vied for the Chinese market, such as Cree, Puri, Philips, Osram, GE and other international lighting giant is also a strong attack, excellent brand of sun lighting, Upper yaming, NVC mainland has begun to flex its muscles in the field of lighting applications. Although the LED market is a popular, but because of the pipeline construction is lagging behind, China LED lighting products in the terminal market has not yet win the favor of consumers. Have the pipeline who in the world. It is understood that the SFT, Germany Runda, Maile Si, a number of powerful LED manufacturers is to increase the pipeline construction efforts, I believe 2012 will be the LED lighting pipeline construction year under their guidance.

Three enterprise capital operation, the accelerated pace of

Country star power, NVC, really bright, Lehman, photoelectric, Kingsun … In recent years, a large number of lighting companies have access to capital markets. February 1, 2012, the SFC announced a total of 515 IPOs to apply in the trial list of companies, at least nine LED manufacturers are queued for listing. According to the research of the Institute of Engineering LED bulb, currently has about 50 LED manufacturers have completed or are ongoing share reform, in order to introduce the investment side, and quickly achieve the listing. In addition to listing, mergers and acquisitions is also a torrent undercurrents.

Four marketing activities focus on end-market

To find a beautiful area, a bustling open a Distributor Conference, eat, drink, let the dealer to buy the product to purchase playing paragraph, which has been lighting business music is not he the old marketing routines. Today, companies and businesses are more realistic, to teach him to fish than giving them fish. So, more and more LED manufacturers, according to the requirements of the agents marketing before the event moved to the end of the market, dealers theme of the conference more is how to combine the local market, explore the practical program of action. It is understood that the SFT Lighting and BDO Runda marketing activities planned in the terminal market have been announced. In 2012, the lighting industry market terminal marketing activities Haoxiliantai to.