“Cheaper price, just to spend 1.5 times the normal energy saving lamps can be purchased for the price of LED lights.” November 28, in Quanzhou LED Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance R & D center, as League Secretary General of the Pan Yiming LED light bulbs holding hands excitedly to reporters. Quanzhou LED industry fought domestic market, industry university collaborative R & D alliances and low-cost high-brightness LED light technology, and formally put into production.

Transfer orders for limited production market

South Loop into the city park, Quanzhou Jiangnan High-tech Park, the reporter felt the sudden emergence of new energy and new materials industries atmosphere. Only the LED industry, where more than half of the city on business together, including Crystal (Fujian) photoelectric, photoelectric Covey, Spring LED lighting and a number of industrial enterprises.

LED (semiconductor light) technology, the rapid development of widespread applications, driven by strong industrial, energy-saving potential, in line with the ecological and economic requirements of low-carbon new industry trends and contemporary, is recognized as the country’s most promising high-efficiency lighting industries. In recent years, the city’s LED industry has a considerable level. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, Quanzhou has a LED display only about 30 manufacturers, production value of nearly 5.0 billion, one fifth of the industry to seize market share.

“Order of the production market is limited.” Praise to reporters, Pan Yiming, but a way to explain industry weakness. LED lights Quanzhou business, advertising, outdoor lighting, lamps and the like belong to the order of the product, but customers generally have individual needs, even in the same city, two street lights in brightness, color, shape are not the same.

“Energy saving is a hot topic nowadays.” Pan Yiming, said, with energy consumption, long life and other advantages of the new light source LED, people always use it and to link environmental protection, if the LED lights change-order model, promotion of family type products, the civilian market potential is unlimited.

Life is more than six times the normal energy-saving lamps

“I want business to grow, so that the healthy development of the industry, the key is how to develop a broad commercial market.” Pan Yiming frankly, although a number of LED manufacturers are salivating on the civilian market, but tend to cross, but the “price” it said threshold, “If can not develop a low-cost high-performance LED products, and that the commercial market is empty talk. ”

How to overcome the “price” the storm? Pan Yiming line into the R & D center with a reporter. Professional to explain the obviously does not meet the needs of ordinary consumers. Researchers saw a pick up a LED light bulbs, inserted into the power outlet, turn on the switch, brightly lit room instantly. See from the product packaging, the LED lights seem to have no color of the Department, compared with its luminous efficiency, high-life products on the market is not without.

“The key is cost-effective products.” Analysis of the researchers, the LED lights only ten dollars the lowest ex-factory price, with the price of some brands quite energy-saving lamps. And half a year at the most general energy-saving lamps, LED can be used, but three years, the cost is obviously highly competitive market.

“League play the role, pushing for development.” Pan Yiming laugh, this title “Ha big spring” energy-saving LED lighting products is their cooperation with Xiamen University, the “crystal”, although no formal large-scale on-line, but has received to a number of foreign orders, customers are clearly of this “cheap” very interested in LED products.