Panasonic Panasonic announced April 16 that will be held in July 2012, equivalent to 40W LED light bulbs, for general consumers in Europe to launch officially enter the European consumer LED lighting market. , The company will be amplified product portfolio, expanding the LED lighting manufacturers in Europe (including the general public / companies use the bulbs, lamps, and related components sold to lighting manufacturers) scale, to fight in April 2012 to March 2013 the number of products increased to 42 models, to reach the current 11 models of four times.

Panasonic pointed out that the year 2015 was amplified by the European LED lighting manufacturers revenue to 15 billion yen, to reach the 2012 estimate of 5 billion yen 3 times; In addition, the Panasonic 2012 the global LED lighting manufacturers revenue forecast up to 100 billion yen, and plans to the year 2015 to 200 billion yen, 10% global market share target.

In addition, Panasonic4 May 11 announced that it will be appended to launch about 490 models of residential LED lighting products, breath residential LED lighting products total number doubled to about 940 models. Panasonic and plans to the year 2012, residential LED lighting revenue increased to 35 billion yen, compared with 2011 increased by 1 times.