In October 2011 the price survey found the lamp, replace the traditional 60-watt (W) incandescent LED bulb lights marked decline in the price, 9% monthly decline, especially in the United States, its decline was more than 10%, the average retail Price came to $ 38.6, the lowest price is $ 24.97. In replacing the traditional 40-watt LED bulb part, the average price appears stable.
Replace 60-watt incandescent bulb the LED marked decline in prices

Danfore lighting that: in October the price of LED bulb lights, U.S. prices fell significantly. In addition to replacing the traditional 40-watt LED bulb lights price fell 3 percent, instead of 60 watts in part of the decline was more than 10%. Replace the current 60-watt minimum price of goods is $ 24.97, while the average retail price also came to $ 31.3, compared to other regions, its unit price is relatively close to the people. The obvious reason for the falling market prices may be subject to manufacturers such as Philips brand promotion strategy impact, stimulating effect of parity, making the market price and thus show a marked decline.

40-watt incandescent LED replacement bulbs, brand manufacturers has fallen to $ 11.6 price
Replace 40-watt incandescent bulbs in the commodity portion of the LED bulb lights in October, but not significant fluctuations in average selling prices, mainly due to impact of the European average selling prices. While most areas are still about 3% of the price decline, however, due to adjustment of European goods, the replacement of old and new goods affect the price of the average, making the average price in October, with September showing flat condition. Is worth noting that South Korea to replace 40-watt region is still relatively low commodity prices, especially prices of brand manufacturers continued under the current minimum price has to $ 11.6, $ 10 from LEDinside estimates the sweet spot is very close.

Danfore lighting that: As the prices continue to decline significantly, but also makes the LED bulb lights price per thousand lumens record low, the current average price per thousand lumens, the average has been below 48 U.S. dollars, and the market closer to consumer expectations. From the lighting trends, market acceptance has improved than before.
Therefore, many countries are adopting or considering policies to expand consumption subsidies LED light bulbs, energy saving light bulb usage. China has banned incandescent bulbs route announcement is also expected to be announced before the end of 2011 the recent subsidies or incentives. Taiwan, the current government’s subsidy policy is still in the discussion, should be finalized in advance in order to meet market and international energy needs.