DRAMeXchange (TrendForce) ‘s research department LEDinside Statistics, November 2011 listed and OTC Taiwan LED manufacturer revenues totaled about 7.434 billion yuan, (MoM-3.41%, YoY-11.3%). Most companies that currently the main objective to reduce inventory levels, with understanding, present a considerable number of multi-vendor inventory turnover days up to 3 months. And because the economic downturn, Taiwanese manufacturers for the future expansion plans, cautious conservative approach, but are actively enhance the proportion of lighting applications; in addition to sets of plants, the international companies have also accelerate the LED lighting market layout. For example, Japan Nichia optimistic about Japan and China lighting market, contrarian expansion, in 2011 capital expenditures amounted to 900 million dollars. In addition, Matsushita Electric intends to January 2012 the Panasonic Lighting and lighting units into Panasonic Electric Lighting Business Group in 2012 launched 70 kinds of LED light bulbs items with 3300 kinds of LED lighting items. So for the LED manufacturer, whether in the lighting market place will be the future of the keys to victory.

LED wafer fab revenue performance

Demand by the terminal cover inventory levels, short single increase, resulting in Taiwan in November, all listed revenue of 3.16 billion LED wafer, (-3.8% MoM, -22.2% YoY). Lunar New Year holidays to bring LED TV sales, whether or Chinese TV brand models pull Korean brands of goods, the LED chip makers, is expected to reduce inventory pressure, crystal electric revenue increased slightly (+2.7% MoM , -22.2% YoY), Formosa Epitaxy revenue decreased slightly. Compared to the mainland by the LED manufacturer to provide chips, Taiwanese chip manufacturers to provide, in a higher manufacturing yield, cost management and control is better, packaged light-emitting efficiency and color rendering is relatively stable, and therefore the mainland lighting manufacturers Taiwanese manufacturers are starting to seek strategic cooperation. Plus four yuan LED market is facing the traditional off-season, revenue contribution was flat.

Packaging factory revenue performance

If from the Taiwan LED packaging factory revenue in November seems to November, all listed Taiwan LED packaging factory revenue reached 4.27 billion yuan, as compared with 2010 flat performance (MoM-3.11%, YoY-1.0%). Pak-hung was mainly attributable to the case of multi-national standard at the end of acceptance, coupled with increased shipments of product orders infrared effects, a slight increase in November sales, (+7.8% MoM, -27.7% YoY). European lighting market in the fourth quarter is the traditional low season, but for the Asian market, the traditional lighting residential lighting season, the demand for more recent applications for the fluorescent tube, the industrial and commercial lighting projects, mainly cold lighting. Edison to benefit from customer inventory levels covering factors, revenue increased slightly (+9.2% MoM, -6.5% YoY), Edison, as the 2011 first year for the LDMS to obtain LM-80 certification, will help promote the European and American markets business. According to the Japanese government planned 2012 budget year, not just the thinking is under reconstruction, but also consider the future comprehensive development of the smart city concept, combining electric cars, solar architecture, energy-saving equipment, I believe in this concept of promotion, Japan’s domestic economy is expected to recover. Japanese lighting manufacturers actively use group resources, the introduction of LED lighting solutions, increasing the project.