By rising costs, Fangzheng pressure, rare-earth down, export multiple factors such as poor in 2011 a staged lighting industry downturn. Insiders already this year and the financial crisis in 2008 equal. But also in this year, we see a professional store to intensive, electronic business channel matures, more energy-efficient light source with a broad space for development and other good news. In the end of the year drew to a close, induction lighting industry in 2011 keywords A review with you all that the past year.

Stores the transition to a service economy of scale

Keywords: high-end intensive

Important as buyers and sellers trading platform in recent years, lighting store lighting market with the expansion of demand are emerging. Although department stores, appliance stores and other industries, supermarkets compared to lighting stores in management, business level, there are still a large gap, but the lighting store has shown an upward momentum and vigorous entrepreneurial spirit . 2011, the Beijing Ruifeng Hong Kong International Lighting, Lights of building the city, town east lights Bai Sheng, Tianjin Bohai Sea Jimei home shopping plaza, the sun lighting Plaza Nanchang, Nanchang Xiyingmen Lighting Plaza, Chongqing Light nest and other supermarkets gradually opened. These new stores are from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, expanded to first-line cities like Nanchang, Lanzhou and other cities in the Mainland. Their high-end positioning, both in size, decoration, grades and other hardware, or in the assigned brand, management, and service are considered second to none in the local software.

“Backdoor” to enter the capital market, the new concept of light

Keywords: public financing

Earlier this year, the domestic photovoltaic LED manufacturer before landing GEM Lehman, then there are a large number of LED manufacturer onto the market, Chinese enterprises leveraging the new LED light source concept, driven by the capital market, the share reform of listed one after another. May to July, Hongli Opto-electronic, electronic display business Alto, Shenzhen Chau Ming technology, Ruifeng power and other LED companies have successfully landed on the Shenzhen GEM and small plates. In addition, the joint construction of photovoltaic was July 15 will be successful too; Jufei Optoelectronics will IPO. It is understood that LED industry is preparing to have MLS listed companies, together make, Mason and so on. Into November, starting Dongguan Kingsun Inc. A shares will be successful too, since last year to become the first LED bulbs 10 to the main business of listed companies. There are dozens of companies at this stage has been completed or in progress LED share reform, once the end of the share reform, will also be listed toward the road.

Energy-saving lamp enterprises in the bumps in the landing

Keywords: phosphor Change

Energy-saving lamp enterprises this year, a collective thrill ride “roller coaster”, and many enterprises and even light “is out.” March 3-color phosphor price is 300 yuan / kg, were violent in July Scoop 3,000 yuan / kg. Some enterprises making huge profits careless production, seeking only to speculative hoarding phosphor go. However, because every family store powder, lower sales decline, hoarders can not find the next house to take over, and with rare-earth prices fell sharply, store powder enterprises have tasted the bitter fruit of speculation. Even more serious is that phosphor ups and downs, so concentrate on production of energy-saving lamp enterprises have encountered difficulties. Town of a person in charge of energy-saving lamp enterprises, said phosphor prices rise, they purchase raw materials, and now prices have fallen, reversed, customers with lower prices and factory settlement costs after profits will be lower.
Increasingly competitive LED hot

Keywords: getting thin profit

LED industry development prospects relatively broad, and with the waves, LED lighting manufacturer to become the most desirable size of the “cake”, but also the formation of the “Eight Immortals recount” of the situation. Domestic LED industry-related research data show that LED lighting market share in China, only 5%, but its growth rate up to 60% to 70% of the domestic LED industry about more than 5,000 large and small companies, the next two years is expected to will exceed 7000. Behind this trend is the rapid growth of the LED industry, whether chip, wafer or package, application, both in the number of explosive growth. However, foreign enterprises in the technical subject in the context of homogenization of the consequences of competition will be a price war and the decrease in gross margin. According to statistics, more than half of the first half of this year, LED bulbs companies have continued downward trend in margins. Throwing money at multiple capital projects launched LED backdrop, many companies can only cut prices to gain market.

Home lighting is cold this year

Keywords: Sales Order

Used to describe the common lot of real estate on the survival status of the downstream industry, the most appropriate enough. If the stock market is a barometer of macroeconomic, then the property market is the real economy thermometer. Real estate industry with more than 20 have a direct relationship, involving a total of more than 50 downstream industries. In the real estate “restriction order” under the influence of the home improvement industry this year, life’s very difficult. Lighting industry, especially in difficult lighting home. Many building materials, home improvement businesses terminal launch promotional activities, but the whole market is not satisfactory. Insiders said the home improvement market this year are relatively light. On the current situation, the real estate industry did not relax the regulation trend, decoration industry downturn, or will continue.

LED light effect into mainstream exhibition mode experience

Keywords: first experience

At present, the simple transfer of the warehouse-style business model has been the transition to the store, lighting supermarkets, hypermarkets and other logistics centers and diverse lighting model, more and more enterprises begin to focus on the terminal networks. This year, the world’s largest lighting exhibition – Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, major companies competing in such a way it is displayed products, and set lighting display space and the application of simulated place more and more, from the LED office lighting , clothing store lighting, supermarket lighting, home, hotel lighting to the tunnel lighting, mine lighting and other scenario-type display of everything, a single product approach has been phased out.
Forced corporate costs internally and externally

Key words: bricks

This year, under the impact of inflation, raw material prices, labor costs, logistics costs have been deeply troubled by the rise in the development of enterprises, directly increase the cost of production two to three percent. On the other hand, due to the impact of the upstream regulation of real estate, home lighting industry end-market performance of the relatively cool. In order to get rid of the negative external and internal factors impact this year in the lighting business and work hard internally and externally. The first is to optimize production management, on the production system to create a strong supply chain, to ensure the procurement, development, production, manufacturing part of the flow. Second is to strengthen the channels, and strengthening the marketing team training to improve network quality, improve services for businesses as many lighting companies focus.

Electrical performance is still active in business

Keywords: first re-brand

Energy source price war in full swing, home lighting market is shrinking, except electrical switch into the field of anti-refundable, and enterprises have three-dimensional focus on brand marketing. Following the TCL electrical, food for thought after electrical appliances and Jie Ying, Bo Jian, electrical appliances and Fukuda have also hired their own brand of TV celebrity endorsements. Bo Jian, electrical appliances and the senior leadership of both Fukuda said the company will use the star effect, the rapid increase brand influence. Fukuda electrician to 30 million yuan more CCTV landed again, the road to the popular brand has taken a new step. Needless to say, electrical products, personalized home decoration has become the crowning touch. This year, glass, ceramics, LED bulbs and other new elements into the more modern style of switches.

Incandescent lamp is about a hundred years, “end”

Keywords: incandescent exit

Mainland China has been released out of incandescent roadmap, China will phase out incandescent five stages, including October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012 for the transition period; October 1, 2012, the ban on sale and import of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting; October 1, 2014, the ban on the sale and import of 60-watt incandescent lamp for general lighting and above; October 1, 2016, the ban on the sale and import of 15 watts and more than ordinary incandescent lighting. Another 5 years, in China’s market will be difficult to see the once-familiar incandescent. The determined phase out incandescent light for fluorescent lamps, LED production enterprises, will be a major positive. The last few trading days, the LED on the market shares of the whole concept of “light” as the market performance of the eye-catching plates.