November this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a “gradual ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent notice,” announced a road map out of incandescent light, led lighting industry professionals on the “energy-saving lamps future prospects” hot. They believe that incandescent gradually withdraw from the market for energy-saving lamps is a major positive, but the LED is green, green, low carbon new light source, so its use will be vigorously promoted and future trends. To this end, large light industry to revise the development plan, while maintaining high efficiency T5 fluorescent lamp industry dominance, while the new LED light source in the desire to invest heavily to the end of second five in the field of LED lighting can also play an important role also.

Incandescent lamp is no longer beautiful

“In the market to sell 12 yuan a Philips 8W CFL, a site selling only 2 dollars; the same, selling 24 yuan a set of Jingzhou Ming T5-14W support, on-site selling only 6 yuan.” This is out before the release of incandescent policy, own the kiosks in the district of Wuhan riverbank communities of the “efficient lighting products in Hubei Province in 2011 winning companies – large light industry to promote energy-saving lamps will be on-site sale” on the scene took place.

“Although incandescent exit road map is the latest release, but in fact, incandescent, has already gradually ‘retreat’.” Largest light industry marketing director, said Wen Shun Yeung, now both home or in units, most of them selection of energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps on the market sold very few. “In recent years, one of the most obvious change is some of the many public areas of the illumination light orange from the past seem to look into a warm white in fact, is a large light industry has been doing that – with high efficiency T5 fluorescent lamps replaced by T8 or inefficient incandescent lighting products. “Man Shun Yeung said.

In this regard, I visited the capital were the major lighting stores found on the shelves of dazzling variety of energy-saving lamps, and incandescent lamps need to carefully search to find, Philips, NVC, Op and other energy-saving lamps brand accounted for most of the shelf. And from the store inventory is clear that incandescent, incandescent “scenery” is no longer, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs occupy the main market.

Promising energy-saving lighting

After the release roadmap out of incandescent, energy saving lamps plates once a rapid rise. Such as energy-saving lamps plate number of stocks from a lighting company since October 24, a continuous rise in stock price, the biggest gain was more than 30%. And in addition to a recently released incandescent exit road map, the local energy-efficient lighting also frequent local subsidies.

Ni, chairman of this great power large light industry, said the government’s strong support for energy-efficient lighting, the light industry, this year’s highly efficient T5 fluorescent lamps range from the promotion extended to Tianjin, Hubei, Hebei, Shanxi. Of which 80 million units in Tianjin, Hebei, 800,000, 500,000 sets of Shanxi, Hubei and 60 million units, a total of 270 million sets of “Ming” brand high efficiency T5 fluorescent lamps to households.

“Buy these lamps in accordance with the proportion of financial subsidies this year, 50% of urban and rural residents can enjoy the benefits of financial subsidies, the user can get 30% of the bulk of financial subsidies and preferential treatment.” Ni said a power to seize the incandescent lamps with energy-saving exit to to opportunities, large light industry will further expand production capacity, 12.5 years the company added 10 production lines that, when the automatic production line is expected to reach 20, so that efficient T5 fluorescent lamps produce truly world-first.

LED lighting for the trend

Road map for national release out incandescent significant, positive energy-saving lamps and LED lighting industry. After being eliminated as incandescent substitute one of the most important, energy-saving lamps may soon usher in an industry of expansion. However, due to its raw material prices, coupled with energy-saving lamps, if disposed of improperly discarded, after which the mercury would be missing the air, soil, water hazard. This makes energy-saving lamps are “injured.” However, this may be provided to the LED lights enterprise development space.

Ni great success this unique perspective, he said that the current LED heat, color and light glare and other problems have not been satisfactorily resolved, efficient T5 fluorescent lamps will be in for a long period of time to keep pace with the leading position. But the LED as energy saving, environmental protection, green, new low-carbon sources, in line with the sustainable development of China and the world conditions, and to promote the use of LED light source is a new trend. Therefore, in accordance with his strategic plan, this year’s light industry will strive to fulfill the national energy-saving LED products certified LED products next year big winning numbers will strive to participate in the National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance and “efficient lighting products in 2012 to promote the project countries, the tender . ” At the same time, Ni revealed his big power LED project for the grand idea: During the second five, large light industry will focus on investment in LED applications, the new light to traditional and new T5 LED production capacity to 50 million scale. Source: one hundred square network