Including Skyworth, TCL and Konka Chinese traditional home appliance manufacturers, near to the LED lighting market, and by virtue of strong capital, strong brand pathway and vertical integration layout and market strategy, quickly take cities and seize territory, led to the China LED lighting market competition intensifies day by day, the small scale of the LED bulbs chain industry, will face maximum survival test.

Tri Industrial Research Institute of Shanghai subsidiary company of information research fellow Xie Yijun said, beauty, Konka, TCL and other Chinese household appliance manufacturers to attack LED lighting area, will make the originally operating environment is extremely serious China LED market becomes more competitive.

In order to grasp the key components of LED TV, Skyworth, TCL, Konka Chinese household appliance manufacturers have a stake in LED chip and packaging enterprises, in addition to grasp the stable supply, more conducive to extend the operation angle to LED upstream and lighting field, adding more contribution to revenue sources, such as in 2011 June and set up a joint venture in Taiwan TCL macro homogeneous LED packaging factory; Skyworth and Sony, to invest 600000000 dollar jointly set up the LED bulbs production base; also a pair of capital gold in July Kang Jia Fu in mainland China OTC listed packaging factory Richful photoelectric.

Chinese household appliance manufacturers with large scale enterprises, brand marketing and master upstream components advantage, put up a pageantry March LED lighting market, the rapid compression of medium and small scale LED chip, packaging and LED lighting business living space. Especially the earlier Chinese mainland LED bulbs factory actively expanding production capacity, have been caused by pile up in excess of requirement situation, causes the LED chip prices continued to fall, in gross margin down under, compared to financially strong household appliances manufacturers, the pocket is not deep enough for small and medium-sized LED chip and packaging plant will ultimately unable to support, are eliminated by the market ‘s fate.

Not only such, Chinese mainland LED lighting consumption insufficient force, also make the supply chain industry is facing a great test. Xie Yijun analysis, consumers in mainland China is short-term inside still can not afford the LED lighting high prices, resulting in LED lighting to mainland China government dominant LED outdoor demonstration application, belonging to the niche market; in addition, the imminent implementation of the incandescent lamp replacement policy, is the first energy-saving lamps, LED lighting is also hard to benefit, will make LED supply chain companies facing the survival challenge.

In view of all LED lighting subsidy policy slow action cannot save a critical situation, in order to accelerate the popularization of LED lighting market, LED epitaxy, LED package and the Chinese mainland home appliance manufacturers had to expand supply chain vertical integration layout, thereby having an upstream component of the estuary, and reduce manufacturing cost. However, in this situation, LED lighting industry is accelerating toward bigger situation development, small and medium-sized LED supply chain companies will face the fate of gradually eliminated by the market, the industry recombines opera has staged quietly.