Low carbon energy is now the trend of society, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments announced by the power size slowly out incandescent light route map in the background, LED lighting for granted to become investment hot hot, greatly small brand and factories to meet the eye everywhere in China, the local government also compete vigorously into resources LED lighting industry as a pillar industry to support.

In December 2, 2011, ZHAGA and DEKRA certification testing agencies jointly held in Shenzhen, the” ZHAGA light engine interface design standardization research seminar”, at the same time it also in China first held by members of the standardization work in group discussion. The move is to promote LED light engine interface compatibility and replacement; and ZHAGA will also be launched CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT qualification attestation to promote market application. This Congress guest speakers from the ZHAGA Secretary General Mr . Menno Treffers and DEKRA chief manager and product manager, at the same time is also the International Electrotechnical Commission IECEE CB system and the lab Committee, experts group Convenor, the European certification system ( CCA & ENEC ) technology services group vice president Mr the. Ted Gaertner.

The conference attracted a large number of Greater China, many well-known manufacturers to come to the meeting, firm address is mainly distributed in Shanghai, Fujian, Taiwan, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other famous enterprises, some outstanding manufacturer OSRAM, Philips, as follows: Shanghai Yaming, Xiamen Rieter letter, Cree Cree, Kingsun, BYD BYD ground and so on, at the same time also attracted IKEA retailer IKEA and other buyers to attend.

The standardization work will help curb is not compatible with LED light engine market differentiation, so that consumers can rest assured to choose and buy the market with replacement of LED products, and continue to enjoy the LED technology provided by the product performance upgrades and service. In addition, the development of the industry, zhaga standard establishment prompted the LED lighting applications in the field of innovation, improve product market competitive advantage.

On the surface, LED lighting industry development is like tea like fire, but prosperous backside hidden trouble, also slowly emerges. Now the LED industry can be said to be a vassal battle royal, different LED manufacturers with their respective understanding issued every kind of product, there are more people say: now the LED bulbs, it is the eyes of one thousand individuals with one thousand Hamlet! Because of different manufacturers to produce products that are not compatible with each other and can not be replaced; promoting LED lighting products on the market and part replacement is difficult, it also makes the consumer feel unable to adapt to and at a distance; thus the application of LED increased difficulty, weaken the market competitiveness.

How to break the deadlock, anterior end in He Fang? Some people wait a government give aid to, someone is still speculation, but the industry giants have action. In 2010, OSRAM, Philips, including general electric, Panasonic, sharp CREE inside much home lighting industry giant launched within an industry organization for Standardization – zhaga Alliance ( ZHAGA Consortium ), mainly refers to the standard LED light engine interface design standard. In conjunction with the LED technology continuous development, through the definition of a variety of special LED light engine interface data, zhaga standards covering the optical engine of various attributes, including physical size, photometric, electrical and thermal performance, but finally reached zhaga union within different manufacturers products between the exchange and the compatible. Now, there are 162 countries in the world famous manufacturers in Europe, the United States of America — to enterprise business and Asian enterprises joining the Zhaga, more global well-known European certification testing agencies DEKRA in ZHAGA standardization working group work.

As a manufacturer, in fact heart also has not come out of the bitter. Now each of the launch of a new product, manufacturers have to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to design a new scheme, so the cost is not high? This is the industry representatives of a sigh! More worryingly, because the product interface without standardization, to different manufacturers products strict alignment is difficult. Between manufacturer is not in the product life, color, price and other aspects of the competition, but to play the “price war”. Can not be large-scale production of the LED lighting product cost to reduce; to simply lower the price of the product, and the product quality cannot be guaranteed to avoid.

Chose DERKA as the organizers, because DEKRA is a pioneer in the field of the testing and certification of LED bulbs. Not long ago, by virtue of the one and only DEKRA LED performance mark, won the prestigious European Electronic Technology Development ( ETOP ) Achievement Award for innovation. DEKRA LED performance marking is designed in order to meet the needs of more severe which safety and performance requirements of the product and the idea of the certification mark; its purpose is to better in quality distinguish high-quality LED bulbs, lamps and general properties of lamps; in high quality manufacturers to accelerate the LED lamp market application at the same time; also in energy saving and low carbon emission reduction for consumers and the environment to make their own step.