LED PN junction within the application to electronic products are manufactured, assembled screening, testing, packaging, storage and installation and other sectors, inevitably resulting from the effects of electrostatic induction induced charge.

If the charges are not promptly released, will be formed on the electrode in the two high potential difference, when the charge energy to the LED bulbs to withstand limit (this is the LED static index value is), the charge will be released in an instant.

Moment in a very short (nanosecond) of the LED chip discharge between two electrodes, a moment between the two electrodes (resistance of the smallest places, often around the electrode) of the conductive layer, light-emitting layer chip local heat generated within the material, the temperature up to 1400 ℃, the extreme high temperatures between the two electrode material layers melt, melt into a hole, resulting in various types of leakage, dead lights, dim anomalies.

Different enterprises, different techniques, different substrate materials and different design and manufacture of LED chips are also very different anti-static, anti-static height of the current market is vastly different, confused.

LED antistatic level has nothing to do with the LED package, depending on the chip itself. Some companies take zener diode plus access to protection, which is used in the earlier one remedy, and now, LED chip technology advances, this approach becomes increasingly high cost, operability weakened.

Companies, when faced with dark bright LED die light leakage and other accidents, often thought of static electricity workshop to strengthen their management, such as ground, laying static table mat, ion fan, etc., but this is not a final solution, static electricity is nowhere not, we can say is ‘let off fifteen survived the first day’. Because the use of LED indicators on the lower anti-static, similar to a healthy newborn acquired defects are difficult to cure and then heal.

Companies use anti-static indicators of high LED (chips), you will be able to solve the leakage electrostatic bring LED, light quality-related accident death, because the anti-static high LED, it can adapt to various environments, such as LED antistatic at 2000V or more, it is generally able to withstand our ordinary electrostatic environment, to 3000V or more of the LED is not deliberately enhanced in static control environment, shine forever.