Lighting development to date, a number of light sources in the interior lighting in a successful application. With the new generation of light source – LED development, from the luminous efficiency, color temperature to the life of the unique advantages, LED interior lighting, making it a star in its favor for the industry. (Table 1)

So, in the interior lighting, LED bulbs compared with the traditional, its application prospects?

Professor Li Tienan that the application of lighting purpose is to get a good light environment, the ability to rely on his application of LED, or applicability, see the final results. We chose a different light sources and lighting fixtures to place these matches, so that products can meet the lighting needs, it is necessary for performance of a variety of light, life and other aspects of the comparison. LED has many features and advantages, but there are some performance incompatible with the demand for places, and the LED is not the most stable, most mature stage. LED has its possible applications, but not all sites are used for lighting the LED light source instead. Perhaps one day, LED light source can replace the other, but only must show than any other LED light sources are all excellent features, good price, and highlight the environmental effects of light and atmosphere of the shaping ability.

Professor Ren Yuanhui that the current development of LED interior lighting, a lot of advantages, the development of better prospects. Semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) over 40 years of history, to the upper half of the nineties blue LED appears soon after the successful resolution of the white LED. The advent of the white LED and its rapid development, has been the concern of the world’s lighting business, invested a lot of money, carried out fruitful research, ten years, the white LED light efficiency increased nearly tenfold, as a new solid light (SSL) to enter the field of lighting, as the second generation (gas discharge lamp) light source after the new third generation light source.

In Professor Ren Yuanhui view, white LED in nearly 15 years, its rapid development, more than people expect, like an extraordinary development of the young “prodigy” by the family and society, special attention and nurturing. Its main advantages and features are:

(1) rapid increase in luminous efficiency: up to now, the product of practical optical efficiency of up to 70 ~ 90lm / W, according to reports, the U.S. laboratory data up to 160lm / W, but there is an increasing trend with the expected in the next 3 to 5 years, the practical effect of light to reach 150 ~ 200lm / W is possible, then there may be the most efficient light source.

(2) starting performance, fast and reliable, only millisecond response time, to achieve full lumen output.

(3) dimming convenient, controllable.

(4), shock-resistant, good weather resistance, long life.

(5) does not contain mercury, superior environmental performance.

(6) LED beam angle within a certain directional radiation for spotlights, downlights and other lights, the next shot will help improve the luminous flux ratio.

(7) for the landscape, decoration, advertising, signals and other occasions, there are a variety of colored light LED, with a good start and dimming performance, easy to implement digital control, in order to achieve colorful, dynamic changes in the commercial, entertainment rendering of the great places.

It seems the Professor Ren Yuanhui, LED is still growing, indoor lighting is vast, and the future prospect is bright. But the need for greater progress and the corresponding research, exploratory work, to create conditions for the application. To further improve the light efficiency and color rendering, better adapted to study a variety of color temperature; the semiconductor light-disciplinary subject and more combine in-depth study of the characteristics of LED lamps for lighting and light distribution systems form; further reduce costs.

Abandon the only “energy” theory, the development will not engage in “Great Leap Forward”

Many well-known advantages of the LED, the “energy” is undoubtedly the industry’s most touted of hot words, the industry spread the “LED is energy,” the awareness and hype, the public awareness and industry misleading. Experts believe that should be objective, rational face of LED, LED indoor full consideration of the application of results.

Professor Li Tienan said, now that LED on the phrase “energy”, which of course is very important. This is one of the world are promoting the concept, but also our national policy. But the energy has a premise that place must meet the lighting needs, the premise does not meet the lighting effects, there is no one to talk about energy conservation significance.

In the lighting needs in one hand, functional requirements, on the one hand is the comfort needs. As in the office, not only to achieve illumination lighting, but also to lighting maintenance. In addition, as a place of lighting, office lighting does not just look at the face of the illumination, but also consider the environmental illumination, floors, walls, ceiling lighting needs to be reached in order to meet people’s physical and psychological needs for lighting.

He also stressed that, combined with the special reports of the case, I think, LED interior lighting for the industry perception that the following changes.

First, LED lighting, light from the original focus only on performance, more attention to the lighting to the lighting effect of the expansion site. Previously, the industry focus on the cooling LED light source, drive, life and other properties, which of course is necessary, however, to know the LED is suitable for application to a specific place, both need the LED light source has a good performance, but also need to make appropriate lamps, but also the need for targeted lighting design, otherwise it is impossible to get a good place lighting effects.

Second, LED light source is a new generation, has been widespread concern at home and abroad. Government attention and promotion, business to step up production and R & D, to launch a large number of so-called generic products, the industry vigorous, showing great strides by leaps and bounds. Versatility and standardization of products is limited to certain conditions, without regard to operational requirements, without considering the site characteristics, without considering the environmental atmosphere, just launched a large number of subjective styling products, and promotion all over the world to go everywhere to install transformation, place not only unable to meet the specific needs, but also may create new energy waste and waste of resources. But this case can feel, LED began to consider the type of site-specific lighting applications, and can specifically design lamps and lighting design is in the direction toward science.

Third, the ultimate goal is to light a good light conditions, light to create a good environment is the need for people to participate in various fields, including lighting manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, lighting designers, lighting users, etc., before mostly light areas have warm, now, more areas were also involved, which for the sound development of LED lighting is good.

Professor Ren Yuanhui also said that in dealing with the development of LED interior lighting on, not only stress the “energy saving” theory, not to engage in “Great Leap Forward.” Professor Ren Yuanhui stressed to reporters, the development of LED interior lighting, must be orderly, gradual, from small and large, by the gradual development of easy and difficult, and not engage in the Great Leap Forward-style development. Now in all ways boasted, the government in promoting enterprise in vigorously, the media does not help, it is easy to flash kidneys. They must be developed steadily.

In Professor Ren Yuanhui view, white LED lighting in the area exploring the way forward, in practice continuous improvement, has made many achievements, promote the development of LED lighting. LED night lighting used, has shown great advantages, but as functional lighting, whether in product or technology, still far from reaching a mature stage, there are many problems to be solved, of course, is consistent with the law of development, the main problems are:

(1) LED chip is mainly dependent on imports, with domestic chip small, high-power (1W and above) chip yet, the lack of its own chip technology and intellectual property; China already has a very large LED packaging industry, with more good equipment, but the packaging technology, materials and processes, there is still a gap.

(2) the lack of uniform standards, including LED lighting system, the drive circuit, etc., some companies play to their strengths, their own product research and development, while others draw or imitation, the level of good and bad products, each product scales, and exchange poor, difficult to maintain.

(3) LED lights there is no uniform testing methods, some parameters of the test has to be studied, such as color measurement, and gas discharge lamp is not necessarily the same.

(4) LED lighting products at an early stage, technically immature, there are still many problems, such as:

① heat problem: how to effectively reduce the junction temperature to allow the level is still exploring and practice, temperature control, they will affect the optical efficiency, plus bare-pass attenuation, and even color temperature, color stability.

② At present, most LED color temperature high, too much blue spectrum, for most indoor places, will make people feel uncomfortable, resulting in irritation, and the environment is not enough coordination, not enough light, soft, not conducive to eye protection.

③ LED lighting for indoor functionality, how to design a lighting system with light and control light, is a new topic, different from the current orientation of the LED light source, light reflection, diffuse, with light, has its own characteristics.

④ LED lighting driver circuit: also requires further optimization and standardization, but also take time, its performance, including life, power, harmonics, power factor, etc., need to be explored.

(5) the price is too high, is another obstacle to the application promotion, government subsidies alone is not good policy development, inefficient use LED instead of incandescent light sources, there are significant energy savings can be subsidized; and relatively straight tricolor more efficient fluorescent type of light source, and no energy-saving effect (at least today is so), the high initial construction costs, absolutely no economic rationality.

(6) LED lighting Another problem is the lack of a smooth and orderly development trend. Just a few years, thousands of companies to squeeze into the LED lighting, a herd of posture, reminiscent of the “Great Leap Forward” years. There are some enterprises in the production of imitation, low repetition, exaggerated by the market, some companies and some media integration, over speculation, exaggerated energy-saving effect, and even some government officials take to the waves role in misleading the use of units. Must establish a complete set of technical standards and objective evaluation mechanism, a realistic public opinion to guide their healthy development.