LED as a new source, are increasingly being integrated into people’s lives, it is inseparable from the development of people’s lighting needs. When the LED light source as a new source to replace the previous generation when it is necessary to have more light than the previous generation of the advantages that can be accepted, so the opportunity will be replaced by more.

Compared to conventional light sources (such as fluorescent and incandescent), LED when in close to the theoretical conversion efficiency than conventional light sources 5-20 times higher luminous efficiency. Even at this stage of the production of light, and that the level is between 2-15 times, combined with the advantages of its directional, this gap will be even greater. As the light-emitting principle of change, their life will be much higher than conventional light sources. In addition, the LED also has non-hazardous to health and the environment and a series of advantages, it has been recognized at this stage is the most appropriate next-generation light source.

Why LED modular package?

LED lighting is used at this stage, the most direct and simple application than for alternative (including the bulb and fluorescent tube replacement). It is relatively easier to be accepted. In addition to saving outside the product’s appearance and effects are not significant changes. Of course, more personalized lighting products today, lamps and lighting itself has evolved into a light indicator of quality. However, when the LED has many advantages, it will be some difficult to be widely accepted factors, such as glare and costs. For we are more accustomed to the light structure, the LED, in essence, there is the difference between traditional light sources (such as directional), so now and then with the traditional lighting structure with its own characteristics will be submerged in the present being replaced with a simple lamp.

Give a simple example: Currently, there are LED downlight on the market and the LED bulb. Need to be placed within the lamp light, and for the traditional lighting, the light bulb had belonged to a light source. If corresponds to today’s LED bulb lights has been part of a lighting structure. We need to think about is this: When a LED bulb installed in the traditional lamp tube when installed in the LED bulb lights source which can be directly installed in the lamp structures? The answer is yes. Moreover, the cost effect will be more direct LED bulb installation better. But the problem is that such applications, when a non-standard light source structure appears in front of consumers, consumers may not be a simple replacement. Given this situation, now placed in front of a light manufacturing business question is: What is the structure of a standard light source?

We give the answer to this question is: business-to-source package for modular and standardized. Only the LED light source for modular and standardized, and this work from the current packaging companies to complete the entire replacement process, the cost will be optimized. The following will briefly describe several aspects to the LED light source module to replace the outstanding advantages of the process.