Market research agency Displaybank newest report points out, China LED lighting market is showing an unusual growth, local manufacturers to continuously improve LED industrial investment investment scale, is expected in 2012 to become the MOCVD equipment total device volume global superpower.

Displaybank says, LED industry in the past year pile up in excess of requirement lead to stagnation of investment experience, as well as Chinese manufacturers to enter the LED tube market and other changes, especially Chinese by accelerating the pace of investment, will MOCVD equipment global cumulative installed capacity proportion from 3% in 2009, to 2011 second season accumulative total device proportion jumped to 15%.

If the Chinese manufacturers to finish the current investment plan, to 2012 the four seasons, MOVCD equipment total installed capacity will grow 64.2% compared to the same period last year, a global MOCVD equipment total installed capacity first.

As the LED industry the bright younger generation of China, although in the LED manufacturing technology still lags behind other countries, but Taiwan and other advanced countries actively absorb talents, and through government support, manufacturers overseas investment and both expansion of firms, and in the two quarter of 2010 after the large-scale equipment investment. Especially with the development of Chinese domestic demand continues to increase, its growth rate will continue to accelerate.

On the other hand, South Korea over large size LCD with LED backlight industry development, from 2009 to 2010 MOCVD equipment needs have exponential growth, although the recent LCD TV market downturn, but due to lighting market demand is expected to restart the investment plan. Taiwan also because of LED backlight industry development, the MOCVD demand continued to grow, especially under the AUO and CMO ( AUO ) ( CMI ) Group subsidiary Lunda electronic ( Lextar ) and the Kellett photoelectric (CMLT) investment action is very active.

Japan is due to LED high technical standards, and the domestic lighting industry is developing rapidly, many leading manufacturers are also in the equipment investment. But a large proportion of the total investment in lighting and automotive LED field, for large size backlight domain investment also is improved.

Senior analyst at Displaybank Brian Bae ( Pei Xun ) said, at present for the global LED lighting market is about to enter high opportunity for growth, so the LED demand is rising rapidly. In this environment, the LED industry not only need to pay attention to patent, product performance, quality and other aspects of development, also need to pay attention to in the price and production has brought great influence on market trends in china.