CREE LED tube with AOD using super bright LED white light as light source, shell acrylic / aluminum alloy (customer defined). Housing available PC pipe production, high temperature of 135 degrees. LED tube in the traditional dimensions are the same caliber, length 60cm and 120cm, 150cm three, the power was 10W, 16W and 20W.

These are the basic characteristics of LED tube, LED tube as a high-tech products, as well as many other features, we need to continue to study to complete.

A, LED fluorescent lamp electrical characteristics

Current control device, the load characteristics similar to the PN junction of the UI curve, the forward voltage of the very small changes can cause large changes in forward current (index level), the reverse leakage current is small, there is the reverse breakdown voltage. In actual use, should choose the LED forward voltage becomes smaller with increasing temperature, with a negative temperature coefficient. LED consumes power, part of the conversion of light energy, the rest is converted into heat energy, the junction temperature rise.

Second, LED fluorescent optical properties

LED provides a lot of half-width of the monochromatic light, the semiconductor energy gap decreases with increasing temperature, so its emission peak wavelength with temperature rise and growth, that spectral red shift, the temperature coefficient of +2 ~ 3A /. Current increases, the brightness is similar increases. Also brightness and the ambient temperature is also related to the ambient temperature is high, the compound reduced efficiency, light intensity decreases.

Three: LED fluorescent lamp thermal characteristics

Small current, LED temperature is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is high, LED will be red-shift of the dominant wavelength, brightness will decline, light uniformity, consistency variation. In particular, dot matrix, a large display of temperature on the LED reliability, stability, even more significant. Therefore, thermal design is critical.

LED fluorescent lamp electrical characteristics, optical properties, thermal properties are different from the ordinary fluorescent lamp. Research production of LED lamps of different manufacturers are often based on practical needs and characteristics of appropriate parameters, as well as increased research efforts.