This year the government resorted to policy for the led spotlights industry provides fertile soil, to domestic led manufacturer in the foreign enterprises to the attack, can still grow.

In order to promote mainland led manufacturer development, the State Council issued the “1month industrial transformation and upgrading program ( led spotlights)”, will be the led spotlights as the focus of development object.

The Ministry of electronic information products management division director Wang Bohua points out, the government is based on the technology development and other aspects of the provision of financial support, to support the led spotlights development, speeding up the expansion of small size led spotlights with the production scale, and promote the development of large size led spotlights.

The Ministry recently also create Hefei new station, to the area for electronic information ( led manufacturer ) class national new industrialization demonstration base, key support panel technology, including OLED. This is the home for the first time in the new flat panel display industry into” new industrialization” planning category.

led manufacturer Nanjing also set up a special district Zijin science and technology, taking the advantages of the policy, service industry OLED.

Wang Bohua said, Taiwan is an led manufacturer important global OLED research and development base, cross-strait cooperation prospect is good, the future will promote cross-strait led spotlights development.