LED with energy saving features, making LED lighting application development very quickly, at this stage in addition to LED lights, street lights, wall lights and other public facilities to improve the visibility of lighting applications, Europe and other countries also have expanded the use of LED light source plans and procedures, and the Chinese local governments are also actively developing LED lights set, the focus is to reduce energy consumption.

Development of LED lighting has, in addition to public lighting applications, but also used in general household lighting, although the major lighting manufacturers such as Philips, OSRAM, GE LED bulbs and so has not been officially launched, the market has begun to flow in many small factories manufacturing of LED bulbs, the price much higher than the average light bulb, but with considerable energy efficiency. Expect under the premise of energy saving, replace the currently used incandescent bulbs or energy saving light bulbs.

Efficiency is relatively Lighting efficiency

Current general indoor lighting, incandescent bulbs are still mainly dominated with energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs are still the minority. Available on the current market LED bulbs for the more basic, more similar to the brightness of incandescent bulbs, energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs, LED bulbs best luminous efficiency, luminous efficiency per watt up to 70 to 80 lumens or more, followed by energy saving bulbs, general products can reach 57 lumens per watt, as the worst of the luminous efficiency of incandescent light bulbs, light emitting efficiency is only 12 lumens per watt. Another life, the life of incandescent bulbs is approximately 1,200 hours, saving light bulbs can reach 5,000 to 6,000 hours, LED bulbs can reach 10,000 hours, twice the life saving bulbs. Single-issue perspective on power, LED bulbs do than incandescent bulbs and energy saving light bulbs more energy-efficient.

Use of cost differences

If to consider the use of electricity, 10,000 hours, as measured based on the general energy-saving light bulbs consume 11W of 110 kWh (1 kilowatt × 1 hour = 1 degree), and 5W LED bulbs will consume 50 kWh of electricity to Taiwan is not business with the peak power of about 2.31 yuan per kWh to calculate, 11W energy saving bulbs, 10,000 hours of electricity is 254 yuan, 5W LED bulb 10,000 hours of electricity is $ 116. LED bulbs energy saving bulbs, the electricity is only 46%, down conversion, but also do to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, environmental protection and economic standpoint is the advantage.

Included in the calculation of the cost of the lamp, at this stage marketed 11W energy saving bulbs, the average unit price of NT $ 160 and 10,000 hours will consume more than one energy saving light bulbs (the life of only 5,000 ~ 6,000 hours) , for every 10,000 hours to buy light bulbs cost about 286 yuan, while under the same conditions LED bulbs cost about 880 yuan, LED light bulbs more energy-efficient light bulbs 3.07 times more expensive.

The cost of electricity plus the bulbs, the average 10,000 hours of total use of energy saving bulbs cost about 540 yuan, LED light bulbs use the total cost of 996 yuan, so the total cost of using LED bulbs to energy saving light bulb is still 1.84 times.