LED entry vehicle market has been for many years, but because of lack of brightness and cost reasons, also not be accepted generally by the market. Now used mainly in high-grade car market, and foreign countries especially Japan car of LED have been widely used.

Car LED lights according to the application can be divided into lighting with lights, with light lamp and decorative lamp three, light distribution light is applied to the dashboard lights backlit display, before and after the turn lights, brake lights, reversing lights, fog lights, lights and other functional aspects of reading. Decorative lamp for automobile light color conversion, produced inside the beautification function.

In recent years as part of a vehicle LED brightness problem solving and cost reduction, increased its application amount. The most difficult is the recently obtained the preliminary application of automotive lighting lamp applications, such as the Japanese auto manufacturers introduced the top Lexus hybrid car” LS600h” and” LS600hL”, Toyota in the production car in the world first equipped with white LED headlights. The LED headlights using 5 high power white LED, can get the expected brightness and light distribution pattern. Although promising improving illumination and had to use multiple LED factors, but through the use of multiple, not only improve the white LED light utilization efficiency, but also brings to power consumption control and HID headlights equal level.

Compared with the traditional vehicle with an incandescent lamp, vehicle LED has many outstanding advantages, main show is in the following respects: first of all, long life. LED lamp life theory of up to 50000 hours, the actual service life can reach 20000 hours, in the life of the vehicle during the general without replacement, and better car used incandescent bulb life is 3000 hours – 5000 hours. Secondly, energy saving. The LED lamp can be directly converts the electric energy into light energy, environmental protection and energy saving effect is good, and the incandescent light bulb can change electric energy into light energy 12%-18%. Such as the general application of the incandescent lamp tail lamp power as 21W, and the application of LED tail lamp power is only 3W-5W; third, no delay. Ordinary incandescent light bulb starting time in 100 ms 300 ms, whereas LED boot time of only tens of nanoseconds, start-up time is considerably reduced. At the same time LED lamp has light color selective, vibration resistance and impact resistance, low heat, strong environmental adaptability, incandescent lamp incomparable advantages.

But the car with LED to get extensive application, many obstacles still exist, mainly in the:

In 1, compared with the incandescent light bulb, the application of LED high cost, according to the LED quantity, quality, price is generally similar incandescent light bulbs products several times to 10 times ranging. Although large power LED has appeared, but its cost is proportional to the size of its power, global automotive LED decline in the cost of production rate will affect the future of vehicle LED large-scale application is one of the main factors.

2, as the terminal consumer lamp appearance of the increasingly high demand, and with the application of the growing number of LED lights, LED problems the probability of getting big, so the LED product performance and reliability have become increasingly demanding. At the same time the vehicle operator for LED suppliers more and more demanding requirements.

3, as the automotive LED market increasingly large scale, new suppliers will increasingly, competition, and the supplier product quality uneven, certainly will influence the market reputation, thus affecting the final consumption demand. As long as the LED costs in line with incandescent lamp the same level, in addition to economic type of car outside of the car will be the large-scale application of LED.