Seoul Semiconductor, the world-famous LED manufacturer, today announced that the company has applied for registration and access to more than 10,000 LED patent at home and abroad. Seoul Semiconductor is the largest number of one of the global LED supplier in the number of patents in South Korea and the global LED industry has made impressive record of unrivaled.

Seoul Semiconductor investment to strengthen the LED technology and increase its number of patents in order to achieve the leadership position of the LED market. The company will be 10% to 20% of the annual income in a subsidiary, including technology research and development company renowned patent family covers materials, exclusive design, manufacture and method patent portfolio as well as other organizations and non-exclusive license. Is particularly worth mentioning that, the company holds a multi-unit semiconductor light source Acrich patents and DUV LED patent. Seoul Semiconductor is expected to DUV LED will be universally applied;, including a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor is the only one in the world to develop and market the technology company.

Seoul Semiconductor in Greater China general sales manager, Jian-Ming Li (Eric Lee) said, “and reached between the major LED companies virtue has a large number of patent cross-license, Seoul Semiconductor and ultimately independent and provide customers with unique technical support. We view the R & D for future starting this year, with the patent for competitiveness. LED innovative lighting address program Acrich2′s put into production, we expected the performance of the company will be able to further rise in.